Nariz Clement Gavarry

Clement Gavarry Perfumes

Alfred Sung

perfume Always Always
2009 para Mujeres

Bath and Body Works

perfume Forever Sunshine Forever Sunshine
para Mujeres


perfume Golden Amber Golden Amber
2007 para Mujeres

Calvin Klein

perfume Eternity Summer 2007 Eternity Summer 2007
2007 para Mujeres

Carolina Herrera

perfume Carolina Carolina
2003 para Mujeres

perfume Carolina Herrera Carolina Herrera
1988 para Mujeres


perfume Chloe Collection 2005 Chloe Collection 2005
2005 para Mujeres

Diana Vreeland

perfume Extravagance Russe Extravagance Russe
2014 para Mujeres

perfume Simply Divine Simply Divine
2014 para Mujeres

perfume Simply Divine Simply Divine
2016 para Mujeres

perfume Smashingly Brilliant Smashingly Brilliant
2015 para Hombres y Mujeres

Elizabeth Arden

perfume Red Door Shimmer Red Door Shimmer
2008 para Mujeres

perfume Untold Untold
2013 para Mujeres

perfume Untold Eau Legere Untold Eau Legere
2014 para Mujeres

Giorgio Armani

perfume Armani Code Armani Code
2004 para Hombres

Harajuku Lovers

Laundry by Shelli Segal

perfume Laundry by Shelli Segal Laundry by Shelli Segal
2011 para Mujeres

Love The Key to Life

perfume Love The Key to Life Love The Key to Life
2008 para Mujeres


perfume Bluebell + White Tea Bluebell + White Tea
2015 para Mujeres

Matthew Williamson

perfume Incense Incense
2007 para Hombres y Mujeres

perfume Jasmine Sambac Jasmine Sambac
2007 para Mujeres

perfume Lotus Lotus
2007 para Mujeres

perfume Matthew Williamson Matthew Williamson
2005 para Mujeres

perfume Warm Sand Warm Sand
2007 para Mujeres

Michel Germain

perfume Immaculate Immaculate
2003 para Mujeres


perfume Homem Essence Homem Essence
2016 para Hombres

perfume Recria Recria
2015 para Hombres

O Boticario

perfume Barolo Barolo
2009 para Hombres

Olfactive Studio

perfume Panorama Panorama
2014 para Hombres y Mujeres


perfume Prada (Amber) Prada (Amber)
2004 para Mujeres

perfume Prada Tendre Prada Tendre
2006 para Mujeres

Roberto Cavalli

perfume Just Cavalli Him Just Cavalli Him
2013 para Hombres

Sarah Jessica Parker

perfume Lovely Lovely
2005 para Mujeres

perfume Lovely Liquid Satin Lovely Liquid Satin
2006 para Mujeres

perfume Lovely Winter Sparkle Lovely Winter Sparkle
2008 para Mujeres

perfume Twilight Twilight
2009 para Mujeres


perfume Eau Profonde Eau Profonde
2011 para Hombres y Mujeres

Tom Ford

perfume Black Violet Black Violet
2007 para Hombres y Mujeres

Victoria`s Secret

perfume Very Sexy Now 2006 Very Sexy Now 2006
2006 para Mujeres


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